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The Watch

In 1966 a small group of US inventors had the idea to create a revolutionary wristwatch: The watch was to be digital and the case had to reflect the new technology using a modern shape. By 1970, a first prototype had been presented to a curious show audience. People saw a wristwatch with a ruby red digital display which illuminated upon the push of a button.

In April of the following year the watches finally appeared in the first jewellery stores. Early available watches came in 18 Karat solid gold emphasising the sophistication and distinctiveness of the new technology. Ever since these digital LED watches have been providing the feeling of value and exclusiveness that only luxury timepieces can offer.

Box glanz
The Heritage

Following the tradition of the first digital timepieces, this drivers-style watch represents a case shape that does not conform to common watch-making. In comparison to conventional watches, the distinctive straight case design allows for a natural way of reading the time. Its contemporary drivers-style case and bracelet smoothly merge to form a single unit.

The Display

The front facing LED display is activated either by button or hands-free by a simple turn of the wrist. The LED’s readability and clarity outperforms every other way of displaying the time under poor light conditions (inside buildings, at night or even scuba diving).

The Crystal

The sapphire crystal is scratch proof under any conditions. Due to the self illuminating LED display there is no need for an additional anti-reflection layer (which is generally prone to scratching). In short, a watch crystal of outstanding toughness and durability.

The Clasp

The safety folding clasp with its bar and additional push button lock prevents accidental opening. Five pin positions allow for comfortable bracelet length adjustment.

18 karat solid gold button

sapphire crystal

Technical specifications

Stainless steel driver-style watch. Case-back secured with four screws. Industrial standard gasket 1 mm (0.039”)
brushed or mirror polished
Monument glanz
Push Button
18 karat solid gold button with magnetic trigger for reed switch operation.
Watch Glass
Scratch proof sapphire crystal. No antireflection coating.
12h or 24h time display (hh:mm), seconds, date (dd:mm or mm:dd), year. Additional SASM60 features: 2nd time zone, week number, day of year, day of week. Both calibers: HGWC EE-Store system for battery change without data loss.
Watch Module
Solid state caliber SASM60 (ruby red dot display) or SASM61 (emerald green line display). Integrated G-sensor for hands-free time display (“flick of the wrist feature”)

expandable security clasp

Technical specifications continued

Time Aberration
Max. 60 seconds per year. Software adjustable to compensate for the environment and wearing habits of the user
Case Material
Stainless steel, grade 316L
Power Supply
1x CR2032 lithium cell (SASM60), 2x CR2016 lithium cells (SASM61)
Solid links, stainless steel grade 316L, pinned. Bracelet consists of 8 links, 2 links removable. Maximum circumference including extended clasp and watch case: 220 mm (8.66”)
Stainless steel safety folding clasp. Five pin positions allowing for up to 10 mm (0.39”) of bracelet length adjustment.
Water Resistance
Up to 100 m (300 ft)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
44 mm x 33 mm x 13 mm (1.73“ x 1.30“ x 0.51“)
Total Weight
137 g (4.83 oz)
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